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Short:        Decoder for .ape files
Author:       Dave Chapman, Fredrik Wikstrom (OS4 compile)
Uploader:     Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type:         mus/misc
Version:      0.1
Architecture: ppc-amigaos
Download:     audio/demac.lha

demac - a decoder for Monkey's Audio files.


demac is an implementation in portable ANSI C of a decoder for the
Monkey's Audio lossless compression format.  It has the following

  * Open source (GNU GPL)
  * Written in portable ANSI C
  * Designed for use on low memory and embedded devices.  All internal
    buffers are statically declared - the core library doesn't require
    malloc/free.  This has the disadvantage that the library isn't
Copyright © 2023 Fredrik Wikström (fredrik at a500 dot org)