New site layout

Category: General
Posted by: Fredrik Wikström

Since I finally decided to move to an existing CMS rather than writing my own in CakePHP, as I had originally planned, I have decided to also get rid of the old and ugly table-based layout and replace it with a nicer CSS based one.

The site will still work reasonably well in a non CSS supporting browser but in order to view the site as it is meant to look a CSS supporting browser will be needed, like f.e. FireFox, OWB or NetSurf. IE should also work but I do not recommend using it since its CSS handling has serious bugs.

I have added informations on some of my various Amiga programming projects to the "Projects" section (I will add more when I have time), and have also added some download links to the newly created "Example code" section. The only thing missing still is the "Downloads" section for files which is being worked on, as well as a section for screenshots.

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