Parent directory

Filename Version Arch Dls Size Description
backfill_example.lha 1460 4K Example of a window backfill hook
bison.7z 2.3 1089 233K Bison parser generator
bumprev.7z 1.2 902 2K BumpRev replacement written in ruby
catcomp.7z 1.4 948 3K CatComp replacement written in ruby
fdtrans.7z 1.3 905 5K FDTrans replacement written in ruby
flite-ahidriver.7z 1044 4K AHI audio backend for Flite
fw_c2p_p2c.lha 1.1 1396 30K Portable C2P and P2C functions
idltool.7z 1.4 932 4K IDLTool replacement written in ruby
libaiff.7z 5.0 634 87K Read/write aiff files
libao-src.7z 1.1.0r3 702 49K Cross-platform Audio Library (Source)
libao.7z 1.1.0r3 707 95K Cross-platform Audio Library
libbz2.7z 717 132K Bzip2 file (de)compressor
libcddb.7z 1.3.2 641 83K A library to access data on CDDB
libconfig.7z 1.5 612 256K C/C++ Configuration File Library
libebml.7z 1.3.1 612 595K Library for parsing EBML files
libebml.lha 1.3.1 1403 190K Library for parsing EBML files
libflac.7z 1.3.0 712 402K Free Lossless Audio Codec
libflac.lha 1.3.0 1428 1M Free Lossless Audio Codec
libfribidi.7z 0.19.5 764 122K Free Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
libgen.lha 1.0 1374 3K C general purpose library
libiffanim.i386-aros.rar 227 397K IFF-ANIM player library
libiffanim.lha 1394 501K IFF-ANIM player (library)
libjansson.7z 2.7 582 146K Encode, decode and manipulate JSON data
liblz4.7z r123 636 193K Fast lossless compression algorithm
liblzma.7z 5.2.1 617 541K LZMA/XZ compression library
liblzo.7z 2.08 651 210K A realtime data compression library
libmatroska.7z 1.4.2 571 1M Library for parsing .mkv/.mka files
libmatroska.lha 1.4.2 1375 426K Library for parsing .mkv/.mka files
libmikmod.7z 3.2.0-b2 815 380K Portable sound library (music modules)
libmikmod.i386-aros.rar 3.2.0-b2 239 351K Portable sound library (music modules)
libmikmod.ppc-aros.rar 3.2.0-b2 220 398K Portable sound library (music modules)
libmikmod.src.rar 3.2.0-b2 232 1M Portable sound library (music modules)
libmikmod.x86_64-aros.rar 3.2.0-b2 210 351K Portable sound library (music modules)
libmkv.7z 755 76K Lightweight alternative to libmatroska
libmpg123.7z 1.22.4 676 842K Library for decoding mpeg audio files
liboauth.7z 1.0.3 582 94K Library implementing the API
libsdl_mixer.7z 1.2.12r4 688 344K SDL mixer library
libsdl_sound.7z 1.0.3r2 681 130K SDL abstract soundfile decoder
libsndfile.7z 1.0.25 659 1M Read/write various sample formats
libtar.7z 1.2.20 592 114K C library for manipulating tar files
libwavpack.7z 4.70.0 663 353K Hybrid Lossless Audio Codec
libwin32.7z 0.2 829 15K Wrapper for Windows API functions
libxvidcore.lha 1.2.2 1306 628K libxvidcore - add xvid support to your app
libzip.7z 1.0.1 661 335K Read, create and modify zip archives
popt.7z 1.16 971 87K Command line option parsing library
scsidebug.7z 1.1 806 9K Intercept SCSI commands to device unit
stripsvn.7z 1.1 860 1K Removes SVN metadata from a dir tree
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