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Short:        Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
Author:       Fredrik Wikstrom
Uploader:     Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type:         disk/misc
Version:      53.4
Architecture: ppc-amigaos
Download:     devices/diskimage_device.7z

This is a from scratch development for AmigaOS4.x that aims to be an improved
version of Thore Boeckelmann's diskimage.device for AOS3.x.

Thore's DiskImageCtrl program doesn't work with this device for this reason.
This should not be a problem however as there is now (as of v52.2) a ReAction
GUI that provides the same functionality as this program and more.

Some new features of this device are: no hardcoded limit on the amount of
useable device units, large file support, CD audio tracks and support for many
more diskimage formats through an extensible plugin interface.

After installing a new version of diskimage.device you should always perform a
soft reboot as this is the only way to make sure that the new device version
has been loaded. DiskImageGUI tries to be within reason backwards compatible
with older device versions, but this might not always be perfect, so it's not
recommended to use a newer DiskImageGUI with an older device version (or vice


 - AmigaOS >= 4.1

 - capsimage.device (IPF plugin) -

 - z.library >= 52.1 (CSO, DAA, DAX, DMG, ISZ, UIF and VMDK plugins) -

 - bzip2.library >= 53.1 (DMG and ISZ plugins) - included with MUI 4.0

 - expat.library >= 4.1 (DMG plugin) -

 - mpg123.library >= 52.1 (MP3 audio tracks) -

 - (FLAC audio tracks) -

 - (WavPack audio tracks) -

 - Vorbis and ogg shared objects (Ogg Vorbis audio tracks) -

 - CBM1541FileSystem (D64/G64 files) -

 - SAMDOSFileSystem (SAD/DSK files) -

 - XISOFileSystem (XISO files) -


 - AISS (DiskImageGUI) -

Supported Disk Image Formats:

 - adf    (Amiga Disk File)
 - adz    (gzipped adf file)
 - bin
 - ccd    (CloneCD)
 - cso    (Compressed ISO)
 - cpr    (same format as dsk)
 - cue
 - d64    (C=64)
 - daa
 - dax
 - dmg    (Apple disk image format)
 - dms    (DiskMaSher)
 - dsk    (CPCEmu, non-EXTENDED images only)
 - flac   (with embedded cue file)
 - g64    (C=64)
 - gi     (untested)
 - hdf
 - img
 - ipf    (needs capsimage.device)
 - iso    (CD/DVD)
 - isz
 - mdf    (Daemon Tools/Alcohol)
 - mds    (Daemon Tools/Alcohol)
 - nrg    (Nero)
 - raw
 - sad    (Sam Coupe)
 - toast  (Roxio Toast)
 - uif    (MagicISO)
 - vdi    (VirtualBox)
 - vmdk   (VMWare)
 - wv     (with embedded cue file)
 - xiso   (X-Box ISO)

Compressed disk images are supported through (if available):

 - xadmaster.library
 - xpkmaster.library

It is also possible to create/mount password encrypted diskimages using the
"Crypt" plugin.


For usage instructions see the file in the archive.


53.4 (13-Jan-2015)
- Rewrote TD_ADDCHANGEINT/TD_REMCHANGEINT implementation to be more compatible
  with trackdisk.device/scsi.device.
- TD_REMOVE/TD_ADDCHANGEINT/TD_REMCHANGEINT are now implemented as quick
- Fixed a memory leak in the FLAC decoder.
- Fixed a memory leak in the VDI plugin.
- Made DiskImagePlugin structure compatible with 680x0 version.
- Updated German DiskImageGUI catalog.

53.3 (20-Sep-2014)
- Updated Italian catalogs.
- The MDS plugin now checks the signature and version fields before trying to
  read the session data and returns ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED for version 2.0 and
  newer MDS files.
- Moved the code for opening the MDF file to the end of the MDS_OpenImage()

See in the archive for a complete list of changes.

Copyright © 2024 Fredrik Wikström (fredrik at a500 dot org)