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Short:        Aminet .readme creator
Author:       Fredrik Wikstrom
Uploader:     Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type:         util/misc
Version:      1.11
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Download:     other/aminetreadme-os3.lha


 - Supports the new Aminet .readme format (including Architectures field)
 - Partial OS4Depot .readme support in the .readme loader
 - ReAction GUI with Locale support
 - Program window can be snapshotted ("snapshot" button in titlebar)
 - This .readme file has been created using this program :-)

Window dimensions can also be modified by editing the main.size file by hand.


AminetReadme 1.11 (2.10.2017)

- Added support for dev/hwood and util/dopus types.

For a complete list of changes see the releasenotes file.

Copyright © 2024 Fredrik Wikström (fredrik at a500 dot org)