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Short:        Splash image program launcher
Author:       Fredrik Wikstrom
Uploader:     Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type:         util/misc
Version:      1.6
Architecture: ppc-amigaos
Download:     other/splashlauncher.lha

Shows a splash image while a program is loading.

The OWB drawer contains a renamed copy of SplashLauncher with icon tooltypes
setup for running OWB. Just copy OWBLauncher and splash2.png into your OWB
drawer and run OWB by doubleclicking the OWBLauncher icon.

The NetSurf drawer contains a renamed copy of SplashLauncher with icon
tooltypes setup for running NetSurf. Just copy NetSurfLauncher and Splash1.png
into your NetSurf and run NetSurf by doubleclicking the NetSurfLauncher icon.

The tooltypes for SplashLauncher are:
SPLASHCMD - Commandline for launching your program (defaults to splash.exe)
SPLASHIMAGE - Splash image filename (defaults to splash.png)
WAITFORPORT - If specified wait for a public port named "<WAITFORPORT>.<number>"
If <WAITFORPORT>.1 already exists when SplashLauncher is run it will wait for
<WAITFORPORT>.2 instead and so on.
TIMEOUT - Used with WAITFORPORT. SplashLauncher waits for a maximum of TIMEOUT
seconds, then closes the splash window (defaults to 10).
STACKSIZE - stack size for launched program (in bytes)
CURRENTDIR - current directory for launched program (defaults to the directory
that launcher is in)

The OWB splash image is made by Mason.

The NetSurf splash image is made by Samir Hawamdeh.


1.6 (9-Aug-2009)
 - All FindPort() calls are now Forbid/Permit protected as required by the

1.5 (3-Aug-2009)
 - Added support for waiting on unique ports (name doesn't end with .<n>)
 - Added a preconfigured launcher and splash image for NetSurf

1.4 (10-Jun-2009)
 - Added STACKSIZE and CURRENTDIR tooltypes

1.3 (1-Jun-2009)
 - Added TIMEOUT option
 - Added support for one commandline option which will be added in place of
   "%s" in the SPLASHCMD

1.2 (22-Oct-2008)
 - Added missing UnlockPubScreen

1.1 (20-Oct-2008)
 - First released version
Copyright © 2024 Fredrik Wikström (fredrik at a500 dot org)