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Short:        Sources of mkvtoolnix port
Author:       Fredrik Wikstrom (OS4 port)
Uploader:     Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type:         gfx/conv
Version:      2.4.2
Architecture: generic
Download:     video/mkvtoolnix-src.lha

MKVToolNix 2.4.2

With these tools one can get information about (mkvinfo) Matroska
files, extract tracks/data from (mkvextract) Matroska files and create
(mkvmerge) Matroska files from other media files. Matroska is a new
multimedia file format aiming to become THE new container format for
the future. You can find more information about it and its underlying
technology, the Extensible Binary Meta Language (EBML), at

The full documentation for each command is now maintained in its
man page only. Type 'mkvmerge -h' to get you started.

This code comes under the GPL (see or the file COPYING).
Modify as needed.

The newest version can always be found at

Moritz Bunkus <moritz bunkus org>
Copyright © 2024 Fredrik Wikström (fredrik at a500 dot org)